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With glamour at every turn, Glamour Post provides the latest in fashion, fitness and photography to satisfy every fashionista’s craving for all things fabulous. Visit Glamour Post daily for the hottest style trends, food and photography tips

Ad Specifications

• Dimensions – 728x90, 300x600, 300x250, 160x600
• File size max – 15k
• Lead Time – 2 Business Days
• Tag Type – 1x1 and click tags
• Geo-Targeting – Yes

• Expandable, In-Banner Video – Audio must be user initiated by click
• Lead Time – 4 Business Days
• Expansion – Should Auto Expand with a close button and have replay button once collapsed.
• Capping – The creative must be capped on the vendor's end so the expanded version only appears once per session. Replay button must be click to replay or roll over to play.
• File Size – 100k initial load. Up to 1MG for completely loaded ad
• Additional Information – Please be sure to set your Z-Index to (1) and ensure that the Flash Wmode is transparent.

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