Fashion Fixation


For the cutting-edge trendsetter with a passion for fashion, Fashion Fixation provides the latest in style, health and photography to satisfy a craving for all things fabulous. The hottest clothing trends, tons of tasty recipes and the most stunning fashion photography today are all just a click away when visiting Fashion Fixation.

Ad Specifications

• Dimensions – 728x90, 300x600, 300x250, 160x600
• File size max – 15k
• Lead Time – 2 Business Days
• Tag Type – 1x1 and click tags
• Geo-Targeting – Yes

• Expandable, In-Banner Video – Audio must be user initiated by click
• Lead Time – 4 Business Days
• Expansion – Should Auto Expand with a close button and have replay button once collapsed.
• Capping – The creative must be capped on the vendor's end so the expanded version only appears once per session. Replay button must be click to replay or roll over to play.
• File Size – 100k initial load. Up to 1MG for completely loaded ad
• Additional Information – Please be sure to set your Z-Index to (1) and ensure that the Flash Wmode is transparent.

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